Extensive testing by veterinary hospitals and specialists in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, proved that Cool Banditz™ reduced body temperature and were invaluable in playing a major role in keeping dogs (and their owners!) cool and are widely available in pet stores across the UAE and ...

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FAQ about Cool Banditz

Are Cool Banditz™ a New Product? Yes, Cool Banditz™ are a new product in the Middle East. Although similar products have been marketed worldwide for a number of years, they have never been brought to the Middle East before. Where are Cool Banditz™ Manufactured? Cool Banditz™ are manufactured ...

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Cool Banditz Products

HEAD/NECK BANDS: Cool Banditz™ products are now being used extensively in many situations, specifically in construction and industry in the Middle East and are also ideal for any non-water sports, travelling or relieving over heating in any situation. Elite athletes benefit from the coolness they experience ...

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