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Cool Banditz™ products are now being used extensively in many situations, specifically in construction and industry in the Middle East and are also ideal for any non-water sports, travelling or relieving over heating in any situation. Elite athletes benefit from the coolness they experience whilst competing in marathons, tri-athelons, cycle races, dragon boating, rugby, football, netball, walking, hiking and we are even successfully marketing our cooling bands for dogs!

This Cool Banditz™ is designed to be tied around your neck or head to keep you ‘cool’. The perfect partner for Cool Banditz™ wrist and ankle bands.


Cool Banditz™ wrist bands are also invaluable as it is a well documented fact that if ‘pulse points’ are kept cool, then you will feel cooler as a result due to the fact that the blood is being cooled when passing through the pulse points. Used in combination or independent of the head and neck bands, the user will feel great benefit in a warm environment, while competing in events or just outside in the heat.


Cool Banditz™ designed the ankle band to compliment the rest of their sports range. Not only do they offer additional cooling, but are now being used for endurance training, sports injuries and to reduce swelling post-surgery.

All our products are manufactured using only the highest quality products, from the best resources and have safety data available on request – please contact us should you require further information.
*Can also be used as a cold compress to relieve inflammation – Dubai Rugby Sevens use our products.
*Can be re-activated and used repeatedly for many years.

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