Susan’s personal experience within the industrial industry prompted her to introduce Cool Banditz™ to Health and Safety professionals within the industrial industry. Having worked for a large property developer herself, Susan was aware of the importance of keeping industrial workers cool and safe whilst working outside in extreme heat, whilst adhering to globally recognised Health and Safety standards and is committed to raising the bar within the industrial industry in hot climates. The benefits of keeping the workers cool are many; including reduction in ‘down time’, less incidences of ‘Heat Stress’ (see our information on Heat Stress), improved efficiency and productivity, to name but a few.

Tie Cool Banditz™ Velcro Cool Banditz™ and the forthcoming ‘Supercool Vest’ have proven invaluable and are key contributors to keeping workers cool.

Cool Banditz™ are widely used in the industrial industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and throughout the GCC. We are also very proud to have shipped our products internationally to Hong Kong, Australia, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Jordan and Thailand.

This Cool Banditz™ has been adapted from our original ‘tie’ and includes a ‘velcro’ fastening in preference to a ‘tie’ – produced as a result of increased demand from the industrial industry, pet lovers, parents and people who play sport.

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