FAQ about Cool Banditz

Are Cool Banditz™ a New Product?
Yes, Cool Banditz™ are a new product in the Middle East. Although similar products have been marketed worldwide for a number of years, they have never been brought to the Middle East before.

Where are Cool Banditz™ Manufactured?
Cool Banditz™ are manufactured in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. As the UAE is a major transport hub for the region, we are easily able to ship Cool Banditz™ anywhere in the region easily and quickly.

How Do They Work?
Cool Banditz™ work on the simple scientific process of evaporation. When something is evaporating, it is ‘cooling’.

Do I Need a Refrigerator?
No. The Cool Banditz™ are activated simply by soaking in a small bowl of water for 5 minutes. During this time, the gel crystal contained within the band are activated to become a cooling gel.

How Long Will My Cool Banditz™ Last?
If you take good care of your Cool Banditz™, it will last you for many years. It can be used continually – just soak and go!

Are Cool Banditz™ Washable?
Yes. Your Cool Banditz™ can be washed carefully by hand using a mild sulphate-free detergent and water at 30 degrees Centigrade. Use a soft brush to remove dirt, rinse thoroughly and then hang to ‘air dry’


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