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Outdoor Workers

When outdoor workers are subjected to intense heat, they are at high risk in respect of heat related accidents, heat stress and even more serious is heat stroke, which if not properly diagnosed can result in death. Cool Banditz™ are able to assist by providing ...

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Construction Companies

Essential for construction workers in summer months. Cool Banditz™ have been well received by HSE and QHSE professionals in the construction industry in Dubai and further afield throughout the GCC. The velcro Cool Banditz™ releases quickly should the worker become caught or entangled in equipment. ...

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Material Safety Data

Polyacrylamide/Hydro-Pam 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT 2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Identification of the preparation : Superabsorbent polyacrylamide/Hydro-Pam 3. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION The product when wet renders surfaces extremely slippery. The product swells in water. 4. FIRST AID MEASURES • Inhalation : No hazards which require special first aid measures • Skin contact : No hazards ...

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Cooling Vests

Cool Banditz™ vests were developed due to the demand in the Middle East from people in all walks of life … we were constantly asked for something to keep the ‘core’ cool and since their introduction, the Cool Banditz™ vests have become one of our ...

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What is Evaporation?

The science of evaporation is simply this – when something is evaporating, it is ‘cooling’. When a molecule of liquid evaporates it takes with it the heat energy required for evaporation, leaving the liquid cooler. We have used this clever scientific concept to create our ...

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Motor Sport

Karting, F3 racing car drivers and motorcycle racers tried and tested the Cool Banditz™ products. Now the cooling neckbands and vests have become an essential part of their kit. They reported that the cooling benefits enabled them to maintain focus and keep their core temperature ...

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All kids in hot climates want to ‘Stay Cool’ – Cool Banditz™ designs have been adapted to cater for our younger clients by introducing bright and funky designs and coloured fabrics … REALLY cool, eh? Cool Banditz™ appear in the school yards, are visible in ...

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Extensive testing by veterinary hospitals and specialists in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, proved that Cool Banditz™ reduced body temperature and were invaluable in playing a major role in keeping dogs (and their owners!) cool and are widely available in pet stores across the UAE and ...

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